Art Projects

From May 2010 to August 2011, Sue Chudley and Dave Gooding, together with Bruce and Novvy Allan formed the upstairs team, curating and managing the upstairs at the GEORGE gallery in Newnham on Severn. Each team member contributed to finding interesting, innovative artists, design and publicity, hanging the shows, hosting private views, film shows, talks and music events associated with the exhibitions. Exhibitions included work by many contemporary artists both nationally and internationally known. The archive can be seen on the gallery website, link above. The George is managed by Oaklands Park, part of the Camphill Village Trust.

FARMprojects, a not-for-profit artist led initiative, was set up by Sue Chudley and David Gooding after the first successful show, FARM, to curate and manage environmental art events. For the exhibitions listed below, artists were invited to place site responsive multimedia installations in fields, farm buildings, gardens or parkland. People still talk about the round-the-farm shows which were hugely popular.

FARM, July 2002.   Conceived by Sue Chudley as an alternative to the regular Open Studios of previous years, FARM opened the fields and farm buildings to 10 artists. Works by Bruce Allan, Novvy Allan, Reinhild Beuther, Sue Chudley, Neville Gabie, Dave Gooding, Simon Ryder, Katherine Sullivan, Helen Schell and Dominic Thomas ranged from earth works to cctv, constructions in wild flower meadows to projections in the hay barn. Monique and Richard Paice offered their gardens at Bourton House as a second venue. FARM to Form, August 2002, allowed the same works to be experienced by a new audience in a more formal setting. 

Second Nature, September 2003, included installations by Sue Chudley, Andrew Darke, Dave Gooding, John Pym, Harriet Jackman, Helen Schell and brucebruce+novvy. A glorious Indian summer made for an idyllic setting for performance and interaction.  

Curiouser and curiouser, June to September 2004. Monique and Richard Paice asked FARMprojects to curate a summer show for their formal gardens and parkland at Bourton House. Artists included Bruce Allan, Novvy Allan, Barbara Ash, Sue Chudley, Andrew Darke, Dave Gooding, John Pym, Helen Schell, Seamus Staunton and Dominic Thomas.

BarnSpace One, September 2009,  used the newly refurbished barn for 2 new installations, Dream Sequence by Sue Chudley and Interior by Dave Gooding. Recognisable themes of Sue's distorted construction and Dave's dripping water were evident in each piece. See individual artist pages for images. 

Artists for Refugees, December 2015. An exhibition and sale of postcard art in the barn by local artists raised over £650 for aid boxes for refugees in a camp in France. 


So far, the events have been generously supported by Arts Council England, Gloucestershire CC, ISA Charity, Forest Business Education Partnership, Northern Cullet Ltd, Decogem, Jacobs Plants, Pollock- Krasner