Sue Chudley teaches weekly Yoga classes and individual lessons, Yoga Sutra and Vedic Chant workshops and the BWY Foundation Course 1. She is also a Yoga Therapist and Ayurveda practitioner

Sue has been practising Yoga for over 30 years. She follows the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, which emphasise the importance of a step by step approach to individual development using appropriate physical postures, coordination of breath with movement, breathing practices, visualisation and sound as means of focussing the mind. 

Sue is a practitioner member of TSYP and aYs. She holds a British Wheel of Yoga diploma and Foundation Course Tutor certificate, and a KHYF/TSYP certificate in One to One tuition. She qualified as a Yoga Therapist with Dr N Chandrasekaran of Yoga Vaidya Sala in Chennai and as an Ayurveda practitioner with Sadhana Mala. Sue is particularly interested in Vedic Chant and is training with Sheela Shankar from Chennai thriough Sadhana Mala

Weekly group classes are held in the Barn at Millers Farm or at Flaxley School Rooms. All levels of experience are welcome as classes are modified to suit all abilities. Bring a mat and blanket and wear loose clothing. The barn at Millers Farm has underfloor heating with views out over the fields. Classes are limited to 10 or 12. Discounts are available if you pay for the term.

Tuesday evenings  7-8.30 pm and Friday mornings  9.30-11 am  £7

Wednesday evenings at Flaxley School Rooms 5.30-7pm  £8

Email for term dates, further information and to book your place


Yoga Sundays at Millers Farm: Open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Yoga 10am - 12.30. £10 includes refreshments.  Email for the next date and to book your place. Choose from:

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra - 22nd September and 27th October.Patanjali's text was recommended by Desikachar as a philosophical basis for Yoga. Through chanting the sanskrit text and studying the translation, we discover yoga's true value as a tool for quieting the mind. 

Vedic Chant - 29th September and 10th November - The discipline of chanting in Sanskrit is a form of meditation that steadies the mind and opens the heart. Mantra-s come from ancient sources such as the Upanisads, Veda-s and Bhagavad Gita


One day workshops at Millers Farm 10am - 5pm Open to all , no previous experience necessary. Please email to book a place

Yoga and Ayurveda approaches to the Menopause - 7th December.  This new workshop run by Sue together with Lindy Roy may help to unravel complex symptoms and aims to offer methods of self-care for women from early stages of perimenopause, during menopause and after into new womanhood. Lindy is an experienced yoga teacher and Wellwoman practitioner. £60 includes Ayurvedic lunch. Please book early 

Understand yourself through Ayurveda - 12th January 2020.        An introduction to the ancient Indian system which teaches ways to improve health with lifestyle and diet depending on your constitution. This an excellent way to develop a new attitude to self care. £50 includes Ayurvedic lunch. Email for further information, the next date and to book your place



Individual tuition - the traditional way of Yoga for those who wish to develop a personal practice at home. A one to one relationship with a teacher is invaluable and a great opportunity to explore the benefits of yoga more deeply than in a group class. It can help a person of any age, level of fitness or state of health to recognise patterns in movement, breathing, diet or lifestyle which may be causing poor posture, stress or illness. A teacher trained in the Krishnamacharya tradition uses the tools of Yoga to help change these patterns and to optimise health.

Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda - If a person has serious health problems, Yoga Therapy may help to relieve pain, improve breathing, mobility, coordination, digestion or sleep and may ease anxiety or depression. Movement with the breath, relaxation, sound and visualisation are used as appropriate in modified forms to suit the individual. A regular home practice helps to overcome the effects of illness, assisting in a greater sense of self empowerment and well being. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of healthcare based on changes to diet and lifestyle. Understanding your constitution and your relationship to the seasons, food, ageing and lifestyle choices may help to develop mnew attitudes to self-care.



One to one sessions are held in the Barn at Millers Farm or occasionally in a person's home. The introductory consultation will last for an hour and a half in which to assess general health, diet, sleep, work and leisure habits. From this strictly confidential information, Sue will plan a simple home practice which will include a combination of the tools of yoga, whatever is appropriate to the individual's needs. It is important that the person is committed to regular practice at home. This will enable her/him to become aware of, and change, patterns of movement, breathing, diet or lifestyle and help the teacher to see how the practice is working. At each subsequent lesson of about one hour, the practice will be revised and adapted to suit development as it arises. Lessons are generally spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart and cost £45 per hour when held at Millers Farm. Prices may vary at other venues according to travel costs.

To make an appointment, please email   



British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course 1

60 hours of tuition over 10 Sundays 10am-5pm 

Please email for next dates and further information, to express an interest or put your name on the waiting list. This is an ideal course if you wish to deepen your understanding of Yoga, as a tool for self development or as preparation for Teacher Training.


Bespoke Yoga Breaks can be arranged. Staying at Millers Farm in the barn's self-catering accommodation may include personal yoga lessons programmed to your timetable - early morning, pre-lunchtime, early evening or late practices specific to your needs, be they energetic or soothing postures, pranayama, relaxation, meditation or mantra chanting, a Yoga Therapy or Ayurveda session. Visits from local therapists can also be arranged: massage, kinesiology, herbal remedies.......And you will have time to walk in the stunning countryside or visit the main attractions in the locality. Please email if you are interested.